Around La Lora

A day trip today, followed by a short overnight.  We decided to head south for some lunch amongst some autumn trees, and picked what turned out to be a great quiet spot outside the Iglesia de Santa Isabel in the village of Pedrosa de Valdelucio on the N627 to Burgos – a useful spot as an overnight or lunch spot.

Lunch spot under the autumn leaves

After a siesta, we decided to make a visit to an area of the north of Burgos famous for something rather unusual, being a petroleum reservoir, discovered in 1963.  Although the pumps are currently stopped, it is still interesting to visit the oil fields – and the small Museo del Petroleo in the town of Sargentes de la Lora.

After the museum visit, we decided to follow signs to the Dolmen de la Cabaña, down a bit of a dodgy track, but a fun stop to a well restored Dolmen.

We then decided to overnight in the village of Orzales on the Ebro reservoir, a village famous for its bread.  An interesting overnight, a great flat area next to the church overlooking the waterside (lovely walks over the bridge and round the peninsula here)…but a rather noisy church – with the bell ringing every 15 minutes all night!  You live and learn!

Overnight in Orzales




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