Berta Saves The Day

If you’ve read the About section of our blog, you’ll already know a little about us (if you haven’t, do!).  But in mid August 2017, life changed for us in a big way.  I, Nat, was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

And we realized how very lucky we were to have Berta.

A place where we can escape to just the two of us, a means of travel which is adaptable to needing to rest a lot, needing a very hygienic environment, easy to keep spotlessly clean, the ability to cook every meal ourselves whilst travelling with organic ingredients, etc.  She is invaluable.

This has of course changed how our travels pan out.  Since the start of ongoing chemo in September, we’re now slower paced, often later starts, naps during the day, and no more long walks – instead more short strolls.  We’ve always been used to packing in as much as possible into our days whilst travelling (van or no van), so this change of pace has been a challenge and it’s frustrating when we don’t get to see everything we might have wanted, and especially not being able to do our lovely hikes.

However, without Berta we’d be so much more limited as to what we could achieve travelwise now, and we are thankful everyday for making the decision back in March 2017 to just go for it and buy her!

Bless you Berta!