San Vicente de la Barquera

Post maiden voyage, our first mini-trip was to our local haunt, San Vicente de la Barquera.  Gonzalo’s local surf spot, we spend a lot of time here, although it’s not actually that close to home, so for us, having Berta means we can go down in the evening, surf, stay, surf again and the head off somewhere else in the afternoon.  This is basically Gonzalo’s reason for Berta!

Playa de Merón

Sanvi has a lot of spots where campers park, but we’ve heard many a horror story of fines, especially in summer.  We think we’ve now established, that as long as you’re NOT on the sea-side of the road, you’re ok, but who knows.  Anyway, first trip there, we were unaware of this, and it was very off season and certainly not beach weather, so we risked it and stayed at the car park in Gerra (and were unfined).

So, beachside dinner and breakfast, before a walk up the road for a second breakfast at the Hotel Gerra Mayor and its lovely picture window overlooking the beach & Picos mountains (it was a cold morning, lots of coffee was in order!).

After another surf and a lazy lunch and afternoon, we then headed over to the AC area at Cabárceno for the night to enable us to change waters.  This AC area is well-known in the UK motorhome community as a great place to stop off coming on/off the ferry.  It’s free, it’s big, it’s flat, it’s pretty – next to a lake and the elephants of Cabárceno, it’s services are a bit dirty (we never fill up with water here as it’s the same tap as for cleaning the black water), but functional.  For us, it’s one of the only places in Cantabria to drop waters, and a nice place to spend an afternoon or night in general.  We did learn however on this first trip there to be careful where you park – under a willow tree on a windy night makes for a noisy night on the roof!

Waking up in Cabárceno under the willows

Sidenote – at home, we eat 100% organic – something we feel very passionate about, and have transferred to Berta too – everything in Berta is as 100% organic as possible, including cleaning products, ecological black water liquid, etc. etc.