Lugo – Berta’s Maiden Voyage

We bought Berta in March, second-hand, from a very lovely guy in Santiago de Compostela.  This is a pretty long way from us in Cantabria, so we decided to bite the bullet and make a proper little trip out of our first weekend with her!  Having hired a similar van back in December certainly helped as we’d learnt the basics then, but it was an interesting maiden voyage of “what does that button do” and “how to we get the fridge to turn on” etc. etc.  Luckily our lovely guy was at hand on Whatsapp to help us along, and kept great tabs on us (and continues to do so even now) to make sure we were getting along ok!  Hats off to him!

IMG_20170303_144702 - copia

So our first trip took us from Santiago (which we had visited previously, so didn’t stop this time), rambling along to Lugo, somewhere we’d never been before.   Lugo has a great AC area right below the old city walls it turns out,  huge, flat, and literally five minutes walk from the old town.  Here we also discovered how to work the heating – and that if it drops below 0ºC the water automatically empties – we refilled and unintentionally emptied twice before we realised what on earth was going on!  Another lesson learned!

Loved Lugo, we thought the evening and morning we were there was sufficient in our case, we had a nice nighttime wander with some tapas on arrival, and the next morning we had a good leg stretch walking all the way round the old city walls, with a nice ice cream in the middle (at Fiordilatte near the Puerta Nueva – recommendable!), had a peek inside the lovely cathedral, and a wander around the shops.


Then we were off south, going the inland route back to Cantabria, down the A6 where Berta encountered her first very light snowfall!  We decided to stop in Ponferrada, and were relieved to find plenty of easy parking along the bridge below the castle.  Great castle to explore, which we did, before continuing on home.


One last lesson before getting back into Cantabria – low tunnels under motorways and trusting Google Navigation.  We stopped to change waters at Aguilar de Campoo, which has a very handy AC area – however Google tried its best to get us there via the low tunnel under the N road – a no-go with a high van!  So a bit of a run around to find an alternative route – learnt our lesson for next time!

IMG_20170304_221503 2
Turning round in Aguilar de Campoo